Internet Marketing and SEO

  • Search Engine Optimisation is a process through which a website is prepared and optimised for the Search engines so that maximum visibility and high rankings in organic search results are possible. This sector has been developed very well and is now a part of internet marketing or search engine marketing.

    However, unless your SEO elements are in correct place your sites are less likely to appear frequently on the search results. The main purpose of SEO is driving quality traffic to your website via multiple routes. If you have a definite plan or a goal to achieve, we at Medea will see to the realisation of the same through our effort in creating a perfect SEO for your products. Be it the awareness of your products and services, increase in sales and services, creating a mailing list or a getting a better ROI, we at Medea will give you the perfect SEO solutions.

    Medea’s Search Engine Optimisation

    If your current SEO efforts cannot help find your website, then your clients will never see and know your products. Visitors visit your site seeking specific information. It is very important that this journey is short and easy. Medea will look at your website after considering what type of information your visitor will be seeking and we make sure that the route taken to get to the goal is most SEO friendly. We at Medea do not use any spam tactic to increase the rankings for a quick fix. We make a thorough study of the product and comes out with the keywords which will really speak about the product and enable quick search through the search engines. Medea respects the specific requirement of each and every client’s needs and goals to achieve.

    Medea’s SEO Methods

    Our bench mark is the keyword performance. And depending on the popularity of your current website, Medea creates a customised package after evaluating the whole project. Medea will explain the logic for its actions taken in your project and educate you on the reasoning behind their logic. Medea will consult, apply discover and manage a very fruitful marketing campaign for you and your product. Our methods are very structured and tested Medea’s Search Engine Optimisation approach defines and meets our clients’ needs in the following ways:

    – Offer site promotion during web design and development phase.
    – Modify the existing websites and market your sites in better and newer ways.
    – Promote product and business through product feeds
    – Writing effective content and building links.

    Our SEO service includes social bookmarking and Url submission running up to 200+ search engines and 1000 directories which increases your link popularity plus website rankings. The end result is to be listed in the top search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    There after the next step is to create high quality links and develop keyword rich content. The high quality content related back links further enrich your websites’ search positioning. Medea services will walk a mile extra to give you optimised appearance on the internet.

  • The Prime Benefits of Local SEO

    Local SEO is basically the optimization of a specific website to rank as high as possible in local search engine results. Although a lot of businesses tend to ignore this concept, the truth is it has so many benefits. A lot of people these days are very interested in buying from stores that are near them. In that case, they will often do a local search online and as such, for example optimizing your website with the best local Swansea SEO for a Swansea based business is very advantageous.

    The following are some of the major benefits that you should always keep in mind:

    Target the right customers 

    Local SEO is a very great way of targeting specific audiences who will be interested in what you have to offer. The biggest challenge in marketing is to narrow down your target market to a subset of potential consumers who are more likely to respond to your marketing campaign. However,  this is possible by giving you an opportunity to engage with potential customers in your local area.

    Make your business easier to find 

    If you are running a local business then you may want to do everything possible just to be sure that customers can easily find you. Local SEO is the perfect way to do this. According
    to recent research data, a lot of people would actually research on a product online before they buy it. Additionally, there are also some people who window shop on normal brick and mortar stores only to shop online. Effective local marketing makes it easier for potential customers to find you online and offline.

    Helps you to stay competitive 

    If you are competing with another company in your local area, then staying at the top of search engine results can really be a sure way of being as competitive as possible. Local targeting can really go a long way in helping you achieve high search engine rankings especially on local results. This will help improve sales, increase competitiveness and give your business an edge in attracting more customers in the future.

    Increase web traffic 

    The fundamental purpose of SEO is to get more traffic to your website. Local SEO Cardiff can help you increase the amount of traffic to your website for Cardiff based customers. This gives you a very good opportunity to generate more leads and increase your sales in the long run and is very beneficial for companies that service the local community.

    Local SEO can be a relatively inexpensive and effective way to market your business. Just get in touch with an experienced local SEO expert and you will see the results.

  • The Importance of Longtail Keywords in an SEO Campaign

    The search volume and relevancy of keywords are important when conducting SEO keyword research. Small businesses or new websites are not advised to build an SEO campaign around keywords with huge search volumes as such campaigns may take years and a large budget before they present you with good search engine placements. It’s therefore recommended to target keywords with decent search volume, but comparatively lesser competition. Simply put, use longtail keywords.

    These keywords are basically longer variations of shorter, more competitive keywords, or the phrased-out versions of the popular words. These longtail keywords invariably comprise four or more words and may often include a location.

    Longtail research is important as it’s less competitive and helps target a niche. For instance, if you run a modest computer repair store, a broad keyword such as “computer repairs” may be tough to get the virtual spotlight as more established service providers will dominate the SERPs.

    Therefore, narrow down the search criteria. For instance, if you specialize in repairing Apple computers, a keyword term such as “Mac computer repair service your town” or “Apple computers and tablets service your state” may get you closer to your audience as there are fewer competitors.

    The conversion percentage with Longtail Marketing is much better compared to general search terms. People using such particular keywords have something specific on their minds and are likely to buy a product or subscribe to a service that shows up in the search results.

    PPC could turn out expensive when chasing highly competitive keywords. Using PPC campaigns targeting longtail keywords will ensure the costs are brought down. The budget price is again connected to less competition. Lower competition should still funnel in targeted users to the site. Not to mention, PPC initiatives can be scaled up or down in the future as per requirements.

    Compared to popular search terms, the SEO effort needed to get higher ranks for longtail keywords is substantially lower. This rule applies to every online search engine. The backlinking needed will also be less. Backlinks, as you may know, are critical to ranking higher in search engine results. And the competition may even not be aware of their site ranked for the particular search term. As a result, only a few backlinks will be needed to rank on the top if you have decent onsite SEO.

    In conclusion using longtail keywords will get you quicker results with less SEO investment.